1. Stealth Weapons II

  2. Eunuque

  3. Generation Games
    Higamos Hogamos

  4. Re-Exit EP
    Higamos Hogamos

  5. Night Music EP#1

  6. Stealth Weapons

  7. Indoor Routine
    Puma & The Dolphin

  8. The Reptile
    Komodo Kolektif

  9. The Indoor Gardener
    Double Geography

  10. Beats Beeps Bleeps 'n' Bass

  11. Time, Tone & Texture

  12. Elephant's Ear / Viper's Bowstring (Pre-release single)
    Double Geography

  13. V is for Vision

  14. Invisible Family EP#3

  15. Colours EP
    Higamos Hogamos presents SPACEROCKS

  16. Géant de Fer EP
    Double Discone

  17. Cape Perpetua
    Sordid Sound System

  18. Dancefloor Detonators Vol 1

  19. Golden Castle (GK Machine's Golden Fortress Reinforcement)
    Jon Keliehor

  20. Fables Of Forests And Light
    Jon Keliehor

  21. Sundada
    Komodo Kolektif

  22. Burning Pleasures EP

  23. The Onrush Of Eternity
    log(m) & Laraaji

  24. East Eats West
    The Mamba

  25. Lost Transmissions From The Off-World Territories

  26. Out Of Body Interiors
    Secret Circuit

  27. Psychedelic Dungeon Disco Vol. IV
    Sordid Sound System

  28. Invisible Family EP#2

  29. Invisible Family Vol. II

  30. Invisible Family [Version Excursion]

  31. Psychic Bridge From Bujumbura
    Immaculate Rivombo

  32. Awake Into Life
    Peter Power & Friends

  33. Sumantras
    Komodo Kolektif

  34. Bleu Infini EP

  35. Fear Eats The Soul
    Sordid Sound System

  36. Sublimed EP
    Strange Culture

  37. The Beginning Of Time
    Jon Keliehor

  38. Space Rocks
    Higamos Hogamos presents SPACEROCKS

  39. Purest Space

  40. Lux Exterior
    Sordid Sound System

  41. Higher Planes Drifter
    Secret Circuit

  42. Invisible Inc EP #6

  43. Designer Disco / New York Burn (2015 Mixes)
    Purple City

  44. Coast To Coast EP

  45. In A Year Of 13 Moons EP
    Sordid Sound System

  46. Disco Azteca EP
    The Poncho Brothers

  47. Fuzzy Majesty EP
    Higamos Hogamos

  48. Invisible Family EP #1

  49. Invisible Family Vol. 1


Invisible, Inc. Glasgow, UK

Welcome to the unseen: a home for music from the periphery

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